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Easter Bunny Cupcakes

We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Weekend! With an 8 week old baby, we were excited to celebrate our first holiday as a family of three!

For many the Easter Holidays are not over so we thought we would provide a recipe and some tips and tricks to create this super cute vanilla bunny cupcake. We believe at Wild Thistle that everyone should have a reliable and delicious vanilla cupcake recipe and it goes down a treat if you have little helpers at home who like to help in the kitchen.

We have tried to keep it simple with the decorations as we know it is a bit tricky with the current lock down to get specific baking kit.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you do not have a muffin tin, a fairy cake tin will work fine. You will make more cakes but make sure to reduce the oven timings to around 10-12 minutes.

  • Use a little icing sugar on your rolling pin and surface to ensure your fondant icing does not stick.

  • If you do not have a piping bag, make a cone using greaseproof paper and stick it together. Stick a couple of pieces of Sellotape over the pointed end of the cone. Cut a zig-zag pattern through the Sellotape and this will create a rigid star tip to pipe with.

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