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Blackberry and Apple Scones

This week, I am sharing a recipe for the humble scone. They are such an iconic British afternoon treat and we have got a delicious recipe for a scone with a twist.

My favourite time of year is Autumn due to the colours and flavours that the season evokes. A combination that I always return to time and time again is blackberry and apple. With the wonders of flash freezing, we are able to get frozen blackberries all year round and this recipe highlights the wonderful jammie, sharp yet sweet qualities a blackberry holds.

With either jam and cream or lashings of butter, these scones are a firm afternoon tea favourite.

Top tips:

  • Ensure you cut straight down and do not be tempted to twist the cutter - this will make the structure of your scone irregular and you might end up with wonky scones.

  • Make sure if using frozen berries, defrost them at least partially before use. I like to cut my blackberries in half so you get more chunks within the mix. This will also make cutting your scones 10 times easier.

  • This is a little stickier than a conventional scone mix so ensure you have plenty of flour down on the surface for turning out the mixture.

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