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Chunky and Gooey American-style Easter Cookies

No matter how much I love and enjoy a cake, a chocolate chip cookie is pretty hard to beat! Whether the cookie is crispy, chunky or chewy; they are all blooming delicious!

With the New York style cookie taking the internet by storm with their iconic chunky, melt in the middle cookies, we had to have a go and see what we could do.

As Easter is just around the corner and we are all stuck inside, we thought that these delicious treats would be a lovely way to mark the occasion! With many of us having to navigate and juggle entertaining our kids whilst working from home, this straight forward recipe is perfect for a bit of quality family time.

This cookie is a great little recipe in that it is so versatile. You can change up the flavourings or decorations to suit your personal tastes. The cookie is fab with a dash of cinnamon or a swirl of caramel if chocolate isn't your thing. If chocolate is life, you could always replace roughly 50g of flour with cocoa to create a double chocolate cookie. The options are endless!

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Wet your hands before creating your mounds as it helps to shape them without the dough sticking to your fingers

  2. If you have run out of foil but have some baking paper in the house, place some on a tray and place in the oven to preheat for 5 minutes before placing the cookie dough on it. This will help your cookies with not spreading too big.

  3. If you want to make these more of a dessert than a snack, serve them straight from the oven with a scoop of ice-cream.

Happy Baking!

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